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Align Your Employees’ Objectives Personally and Financially

Let’s Build a Plan That Sets You Apart

As a business owner or professional, you know how difficult it can be to attract and retain top talent. Salary is no longer the primary compensation driver as employees are taking into consideration benefits and their potential to financially protect their families and the retirement they have in mind.

The key is to develop a benefits package that is unlike your competitors - one that most employers don’t already offer. From healthcare coverage to preparing for retirement, these benefits can be the primary incentive for employees to join and grow with your company.

Employee Benefits West Hartford, CT New England Financial Group

Together, We’ll Address the Following Options for Your Employee Benefits Program

  • Annuities

    • Establish individual retirement arrangements funded by annuities. This type of benefit can help you retain and motivate your employees.
  • Disability Income Insurance

    • Provide employees with income protection that supplements your company’s long-term disability plan.
  • Executive Benefits Program

    • Offer solutions that are designed to assist in recruiting and retaining executives. A unique group of employees should have a unique set of offerings.
  • Executive Group Life Insurance

    • Gain a competitive edge by providing valuable life insurance benefits to your executives and senior professionals.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance

    • Help retain your employees and enhance your company’s benefits while taking advantage of possible tax savings.
  • Retirement Plans

    • Offer your employees a retirement plan that helps them save for the future and is a great incentive as part of an employee benefits package.